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Good afternoon,

Using OC with currently standard theme.

I have recently taken into use my new shop with OC and at that time Journal theme. Seemed fast at first but as days passed by the site got slower and slower untill the server kept running out of memory (server with 2 CPU, 8 GB mem). I then switched to standard theme and the site was instantly fast again. But after a few days this also became slower. I then followed this forumpost: viewtopic.php?f=202&t=202985&p=717777#p717777
and overwrite the storage folder with one from the OC download. Then the site also got really fast again, untill I now see that performance is lowering again.

So it looks like the storage folder is a big bottle neck in this performance issues. Did anyone run into the same issues perhaps (and knows how to fix them)?

In a few days I will overwrite the storage folder again and let you know if performance improved again.

I would love to go back to Journal theme, since I really love the possibilities, but I first have to tackle these performance issues, which do not seem to come from Journal since with the standard theme the issues also persist.

Any input is welcome!

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Monitor your space usage with the storage folder from your host console. Also monitor your server resource usage with the services you may be already running on your server from either your host console (GUI) or from SSH.

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