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Hi ;

I have url problem on my multilanguage site.
I try explain my problem by example.

My store default language english. english. deutsch. french

I share on social media, preview show english meta description ( problem1) - and links go to english page (problem2).

When i share discount, campaign for french users i must share french content, product link. But users see default languga meta on preview, when click on link they go to default language page.


Other problem is google index only default language index. (problem3)
( I'm not sure maybe its correct for duplicate content )

But i think it can be because;

I see the canonical ulrs on my sitemap. , (canonical ) , ( canonical )

Anybody have suggest or fix for that ? Or which seo module can do that ?

Using Opencart v3.0.2.0 and Journal 3 Theme, ALL IN ONE SEO by NERDHERD for seo.



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