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Test install of OC 3.02

The demo page(s) work correctly but then I removed the demo data (SQL - Truncate) and imported my own test products (a few hundred)
The import file contains Product Info and SEO Info. Imports succeeds and all products show individually and by sub-category but will not show when clicking on Show All ** (main category) . Page loads the the Main category Text including picture and description along with the Refine Search text and link listing of the subcategories. Just no products. All blank.

So I have Export/Import Tool (V3.20) for OpenCart 3.x by extension installed.
It turns out that when using this to import products it does not create an entry within "oc_product_to_category" DB table for the main category. IE every product that is within a sub category should have 2 entries - 1 for sub cat ID and the other for its main cat ID. (or more dependent on# of sub-sub cats)
I am about to contact them about this but for now I will export that table in the DB - use Calc to amend. And update table (via phpmyadmin)

This is a tale of - you shouldn't do 2 different apps at same time. It was simple as putting both MAIN and Sub Cat ID within the CAT ID import column seperated by a comma.
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Imported hundreds of products from where? Partial information posted, more information needed.

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