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I have just gone through the arduous task of building a replacement OC3 store to replace my old OC1 store. This was done not as an upgrade but a new store with the products/customers/orders/etc imported with iSense Labs Excel Port. I tried to test the store on a different server before copying across but somehow I either missed serious bugs or they only started happening on this server.

One of my current issues is that the Add To Cart button in product pages is selectively not working. You click it and it's just dead. However the other links like add to wishlist and etc still work. Making things complicated is that it's possible to browse to different pages and then try again and it works.

This error seems to be most likely to occur on Edge and Internet Explorer. I don't know if it can be related but I'm using a pop up cart, however this is not set to automatically pop up when the customer adds to cart.

My website is here:

Can someone please help me. My store is live and trying to receive customers. I cannot afford any interruptions like this!

EDIT: I have just disabled the pop-up cart to debug. So far it seems like that may have been the issue, but being an intermittent problem it's hard to tell.
If anyone is feeling super helpful then please try to add random products to your cart and see if there are any issues. I'm tempted to place a notice on my website to contact if there are technical difficulties but I feel like this could give a bad impression.



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I have just disabled the pop-up cart to debug.
Well, this is sure not an OC Default Installation you use, and you also seem to use
quite a range of Extensions, like Nitro Cache, Ultimate Banners, a one page checkout,
a popup add to cart routine, among many other things. This means, that you need
professional Support, since it would at best be wasted time, trying to find out anything,
in such a Setup, without beeing able, to first disable everything, custom-added to this
complicated construction.
One should never kill an existing Installation, before making sure, that the new installation
will function as expected. Sorry for the bad News. ::)

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