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I hope everyone is fine,

I want to display " There are no Products to List in this Category" in some specific category pages when there are no products. I have deleted or disabled products in categories where I want to display this message but it is not working. Second, I want to show "Comming Soon" message in some specific category pages. Will I have to install an extension or there is some solution within admin or OC. If I install an extension, will I also have to install vqmod or not. In case of installing an extension where to see it and how to configure it to required category pages. I am using Open Cart version I would not have bothered you if I had found some solution in forums. I have searched in the forum but did not find any answer, so please excuse me. I would be very thankful for your kind reply.

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I have searched in the forum but did not find any answer
Well, certain 'System-Information' is used globally, like:
There are no Products to List in this Category
and can therefore not be set, to only display on selected Categories. But
if you want to get this done, you'll need a Developer, to do this for you.

But, the possible Need of VqMod, to make something work, depends on
the extension. It might be a Module, an OcMod, or a VqMod, used for
such, and/or something combined, consisting out of an OcMod or VqMod,
and certain 'regular' Code Files, to be placed somewhere.

But I am unaware of, if/that such an Extension exists, I have never seen one,
at least not in the free Sections. Still, one could use the WISDOM out of something
like this, to at least save some time and brainwork! Or then, get it made ...
Good Luck ;)
No Empty Category notice ... on_id=7634
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