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Is internet Explore v11 supported ? Hopefully it is. :)

I've set up OC v3 as a new vanilla install - all with basic default settings. Using Firefox (the old one that supports all my extensions) everything works perfect. I've also got ie11 running so that I can be logged in twice. Using ie11 (as a customer not admin) I can't get the checkout bit to work. Step 3 doesn't pickup addresses properly, so I can't place an order.

It must be an ie11/OCv3 issue because I can logon as the customer in FF and complete the order.

ie11 will be here for a while to come since (and I'm one of them) a lot of people have apps that they don't want / can't to run on Windoze10.


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Post by straightlight » Sat Apr 14, 2018 9:55 pm

Since you're using Windows 10, and not Windoze 10, see if this issue can be reproduced by using Microsoft Edge along with FF. If not, close your IE11. Then, reset your browser's settings entirely from your internet options - > advanced tab and see if that rectifies the issue afterwards.

Since the installation was also done by a third-party tool, I would also suggest to test the installation manually on a separate folder of your server and with a new database without any extensions installed noticing if the same issue can be reproduced.

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