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We had a customer purchase something from our site The order was processed, but on our dashboard, it shows $0.00 collected and no products are listed as part of the completed order. We are using Square to process our payments, so I went into square and found the cooresponding transaction there, it it did indeed process a charge from this customer for $34.99.

running version

Any thoughts as to why OpenCart didn't collect/display the order information but Square did?

Attached are some screenshots.



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Not the best coding I've ever seen in catalog/controller/extension/payment/squareup.php file. I have already reported this file on Github due to the lack of quality of error events. Let's troubleshoot this issue. On line 187, could you provide the entire line of:

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$order_status_id =

Then, find:

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if ($order_status_id) {
add below:

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				$order_status = $this->model_localisation_order_status->getOrderStatus($order_status_id);
				if ($order_status) {
					$this->log->write('SQUAREUP :: DEBUG :: ORDER_STATUS :: ' . htmlspecialchars_decode($order_status['name']));
					$this->log->write('SQUAREUP :: DEBUG :: TRANSACTION :: ' . htmlspecialchars_decode($transaction_id));
Test a transaction with squareup. Then, once the checkout process completed, go to your admin - > systems - > maintenance - > error logs page and find the latest line beginning with: SQUAREUP :: DEBUG :: . Send me a PM for those transactions, do NOT publish the transaction ID logs on the forum.

The most generated errors being found on Opencart forum originates from contributed programming. The increased post counters are caused by redundancies of the same solutions that were already provided prior.

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