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Is there a way to create customer logins and let those customers only have access to a handful of products? Background to this question is the following problem:

My wife is a photographer and takes pictures at schools and kindergartens. Later the parents should order the pictures they want. They should be able to decide if they want the group picture. Then should decide which picture of their child they want in either a color package or a black and white package. So the customers should only see their own child's picture and the group image. Each product/picture then has it's own options for size/price/color.

They should add their products in a cart and have to leave their address to checkout. Billing and shipment can be done in another system.

Is this possible to do with opencart? Does this work out of the box or do I need an extension for this? Is opencart even the right platform for this? If not, what would you suggest?

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