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Under iOS Safari 11 and 12 if a Registered Customer attempts to create three orders (typically) in a row under the same login session, either the Delivery or Payment Method Required Warning will be shown regardless that both options have been defaulted/selected.

This issue has been reproduced using a fresh install of OpenCart 3.020 with no extensions added/changed, customisation of any sort using the supplied demo data. The issue was reproduced on three separate iOS devices running iOS 11.4 and 12.1 (Latest).

Step 1. Install OpenCart 3.020 as per Standard Guidelines
Step 2. Launch Safari on an iOS Device
Step 3. Access ‘Your Store’ URL
Step 4. Register a Customer Account and Default Address
Step 5. Add Any Product to Cart from Demo Data
Step 6. Select Checkout and Accept All Defaults (Click Continue)
Step 6. Confirm Order
Step 7. Repeat Order.
Typically on the third order the Delivery or Payment Method Required Warning will be displayed.

1. Reopening the previous steps panel will allow the order to continue. But any subsequent new orders will generate the same error.
2. If the stock item does NOT require delivery, then the Warning will be generated for the next panel ‘Payment Method’ instead of the ‘Delivery Method’ panel.
3. Quit and relaunch Safari will allow you to create two (or so) orders before the warning will be generated again.
4. The warning is NOT generated while using Safari’s ‘private’ mode. But you may receive a runtime error from Safari instead.
5. A Quicker method to reproduce the error is to simply ‘refresh’ the checkout page when you reach the ‘Confirm’ order panel (don't click). On the third refresh (typically) the Delivery or Payment method panel will generate the Warning (this simulates the multiple order process and saves you creating and reload three carts and orders).
6. Clearing the iPad Safari cache does not affect the Warning error.
7. Three separate iOS devices where tested.

Same details with screen shots attached.




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