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I have found what looks to be a problem which at least effects all Opencart v3.0.2.0 sites, in that customers are unable to place an order on a mobile device when using the devices predictive words feature.

Here's what happens;

1, In checkout whilst the customer, is filling in their details they start to type their email address in the email field.

2, Then the predictive feature which is used on most mobile devices auto predicts the full email address and the customer accepts the predicted email so they don't have to type it all manually.

3, Opencart throws up the following error 'email address does not appear to be valid'

4, The customer cannot proceed any further through the checkout to place the order.

The only way to proceed further through the checkout is to click on the end of the email address then backspace and either enter the same full email address (which wasn't accepted when entered by auto predict) or just delete the last character of the email address and then re-enter it manually.

I think that the problem is that Opencart is not recognising that the field has been filled in (even though it has and it is valid)

I've tried this on the bog standard Opencart v3.0.2.0 and on lots of other Opencart sites and the problem exists in them all, also I've tested if the problem exists on other shopping cart platforms such as Cubecart but the problem doesn't exist so I think it is unique to Opencart.

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Post by imdevlper18 » Tue Aug 21, 2018 9:50 pm

I think once the email is auto-selected from the drop down.
And this email might have spaces at the end or some special characters may be.
And hence when validation happens its proves to be a wrong email address.

So in order to suggest you the solution for this. We need to first check what exactly you auto select it.
And then based on that solution can be given.

You can contact us here for solution:

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Post by paulfeakins » Wed Aug 22, 2018 4:56 pm

Hi there,

We should be able to help with this, would you be able to drop us an email to get an estimate?

Kind regards,
Paul Feakins

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