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Dear All,

I've purchase custom theme : ... 6?s_rank=2

When I try to enable the theme after uploading all the files I got error 500 with this log :

Code: Select all

2018-07-26 8:11:09 - MOD: Modification Default

FILE: system/engine/action.php
REGEX: ~(require|include)(_once)?\(([^)]+)~
LINE: 69

FILE: system/engine/loader.php
REGEX: ~(require|include)(_once)?\(([^)]+)~
LINE: 77
LINE: 151
LINE: 168

FILE: system/library/config.php
REGEX: ~(require|include)(_once)?\(([^)]+)~
LINE: 59

FILE: system/library/language.php
REGEX: ~(require|include)(_once)?\(([^)]+)~
LINE: 67
LINE: 73

FILE: system/library/template/template.php
REGEX: ~(require|include)(_once)?\(([^)]+)~
LINE: 18

FILE: system/library/template/twig.php
CODE: $loader = new \Twig_Loader_Filesystem(DIR_TEMPLATE);
LINE: 19
MOD: KEPT Theme v1.5.0.0

FILE: system/library/pagination.php
CODE: public $text_first = '|<';
LINE: 18
CODE: public $text_last = '>|';
LINE: 19
CODE: public $text_next = '>';
LINE: 20
CODE: public $text_prev = '<';
LINE: 21
I've contact the author and this is his reply :
Sorry but is not a theme bug and I don't know how to fix this, is from server/hosting or the php version installed on him, I think.
Could anyone help me please ?

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Post by straightlight » Thu Jul 26, 2018 7:27 pm

Contact the extension developer to resolved this issue. The 500 error described has nothing to do with those logs. What are the error / server access logs entries about the 500 error message? So far, not an OC bug.

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