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Using version I wonder if someone is able to help? Or at least point me in the right direction of the files I should be looking at. I can see the mail/order.tlp but I can't find where the $totals is coming from. Thanks in advance.

Currently the order confirmation email includes these details (example)

Auto Discount: (20%): -£14.39
Sub-Total: £71.95
Free Shipping: £0.00
Coupon(LOCAL): £-9.63
VAT (20%): £9.59
Total: £57.52

I would like to show this -
Sub-total: £71.95
Auto Discount: (20%): -£14.39
Shipping charges: £0.00
Coupon(LOCAL): -£9.63
Discounted Total inc Shipping: £47.93
Vat (20%):£9.59
Total: £57.52

I.e changing the order slightly, but the important bit is the "discounted total inc. shipping" as this is the number that VAT is applied to so the customer can clearly see where the 20% VAT is coming from (quite unclear in the original version).



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