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We want to have physical gift certificates (vouchers) as well as email ones. The Gift Voucher system (I believe) won't send the recipient an email unless the store owner clicks "Send". To avoid having to create a Gift Card as a product, is there a way to put an extra text field (or any kind of input field, even a drop down box) on the Gift Card page that asks something like this: Do you want to purchase an e-gift card that will be emailed to the recipient, or a physical gift card that will be sent"?

Then the store owner can read that field, and decide whether to SEND the email to the recipient, or mail a card to the shipping address.

I would appreciate hearing how to do this, or how others have handled the diff between e-cards and physical cards. I know I can make a physical product, but between fiddling with the price options, etc., it seems a simple field addition to the Gift Voucher system should be able to handle communicating the purchaser's desire to the store owner AND have the gift card that was purchased be logged into the system.
thank you

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