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I appreciate anyone's help in writing a statement to go in the phpmyadmin sql box that will concatenate products 'model' with it's option 'size' with a ' - ' & insert this into a new field (already exists) called sku in the table `product_option_value'.

e.g. product with model PLL001 of size 3M would get option sku of PLL001-3M

I've done some manually, but there's hundreds to go for existing products, it would be nice if it did an 'if empty' check to allow it to be used in the future after stock updates (would save a bit of manual input every time)

pls see attached image, new sku's at extreme right

Cheers :)



some option sku's entered manually - product-option-value.png (161.3 KiB) Viewed 294 times

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