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I have just upgraded to Version so I can use the manual sales/order/insert option.

My product names are all similar and the only thing that really differentiates them is the product code and the description.
The auto fill option comes up for the Product in the sales/order/insert/products - Choose Product
I get a list of several items with the same name..i am not entirely sure what order they are displayed in but guessing which of the products you want is a impossible.

Any ideas how/where I would go to change the Choose Product: auto fill field to Choose Product Code:??

Many thanks



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Post by tiker » Tue Sep 11, 2012 1:18 am

I've also got this problem with Is there any plans to expand on this product entry field to work with the product code? Is there a mod that'll do it?



Tue Oct 12, 2010 12:23 am

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hai friend, i can help you for this problems...

we can make this with vQmode or custom editing....
so now i will show you how to make it custom....

its working v.

open following page

find this line:

Code: Select all

<input type="text" name="product" value="" />
replace to this code:

Code: Select all

<input type="text" name="filter_model" value="" />
add following code before "<?php echo $footer; ?>" (this code you can see bottom of this page)

Code: Select all

<script type="text/javascript">
	delay: 0,
	source: function(request, response) {
			url: 'index.php?route=catalog/product/autocomplete&token=<?php echo $token; ?>&filter_model=' +  encodeURIComponent(request.term),
			dataType: 'json',
			success: function(json) {		
				response($.map(json, function(item) {
					return {
						label: item.model,
						value: item.product_id
	select: function(event, ui) {
		$('input[name=\'product_id\']').attr('value', ui.item['value']);
		return false;
	focus: function(event, ui) {
      	return false;
refresh your manual order page, and feel the difference...

sorry friends my english not perfect...
if you got any errors or not working well please email me, i can help you as soon as possible

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