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Ok, so I`m in the middle of organizing my site structure. never worked with OC before and I was hoping for some insight on how you guys structure your websites.
I will have a broad category then sub category and even sub-sub categories.
I was thinking about structuring like this :

and also have categories where products are listed by brands, on sale items, new items, featured etc

Because my main keywords are actually categories how do you guys tackle with duplicate content ?
Do you noindex product pages to avoid duplicate content ? I mean that a product listed under will be accessible through more than one link (i.e. : brands, new,etc)

Is there a SEO module that takes care of the duplicate content issue ? I remember seeing one for $80 that might be good, but I cant find it.
There could be a benefit in indexing product pages where you can get long tail traffic but I`m not so sure whats the best practice. I will be adding at least 150-200 words to every product page.
Could you guys recommend some good SEO modules ? (i dont care about the price)
How do you guys noindex the terms & cond page and privacy page ?

Sorry if this has been discussed before ... I hope I made sense :) english is not my first language...

Thank you!

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We have developed an extensionfor SEO - to make it easy for seller.

This module helps you with optimizing the url's of all your website pages , categories , products , manufacturers , information pages .

you can also optimize the titles , meta tag keywords , meta tag descriptions of all the links , categories , products , manufacturers , information pages .

If you add new links or catalog data - they can be optimised as well .

All optimizations can be done for multiple languages .

Image names can also be optimized .

For fast results , less data entry - you can use auto generate facility

Thanks and Best Regards,
Axansh Sheth

Our Opencart Module
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