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I setup my SSL and confirmed it's installed properly with my host.

I have SSL enabled on /admin/config.php and /config.php.

When checking out, I get the red x next to the secure icon stating that insecure information is being transmitted.

When viewing "My Account" info I get the same red x.

When in the admin side of the site, the SSL works fine, I get a green check and all pages work normally.

It appears to only not work on the public/catalog side. Can anyone please enlighten me?

I am running

Thanks in advance,
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Check out and see which resources are being returned insecurely.

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d7 you are the best. I needed a site like this in my toolkit. Thanks so much!

After visiting I found that MailChimp's CSS was being transmitted via http.

I removed the following line: ... 081711.css

and downloaded the above line into my own CSS. (visit the url, copy the css, save it in your stylesheet.)

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