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Hi friends,
I need a litle push, how to manage information placement on sites like Produkt Information page or some other Information pages where pictures and text are used.

For examble I want to have 3 Images with description underneath the pictures in a line and 2 pictures with discription on the next line.
Pretty hard to manage this with the CK Editor since it does not even want to put one picture in float left position other one in center and 3rd in right position. Same for the text, cant stick it to the pictures.
You may say that this is a CK editor issue, but maybe there is a solution for this in Opencard ?
A contend menage module from Q seems to use CD Editor as well so it would be the same problem to put images and text togheter.

Here is what I mean :
For some Pictures and text its ok but as soon the discreption becomes more then just a some words , its getting worce, becouse the new line ot the text becommes somewhere else. The text is treated as hole not in blocks..

Maybe I am just too noobie to handle this in the html mode of the Editor ?


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