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I had some issues with the digital download and I figured it out with my own research and help from others in this forum, I figured I would add my input just in case others required some help so here it is..

First off, enable downloads through your admin panel/options, make sure your downloads allowed is to yes.

make sure that the success payment and the next field is set to complete both fields. the fields are order status and complete order status. Both fields to complete.

second off, create a digital download through catalogue/downloads, make sure you upload a digital download with a simple file name. Example = mydocument.txt No hyphens, no spaces, and not too long of a filename.

Third, make sure your payment method is set to pay pal and in that field, all the fields are set accordingly, not to cancelled like I had mine set to before I figured it out. Set them to the according fields, they are all on cancelled by default. This is a must or all of your orders will be cancelled like mine was :)

Add your product, and under data, set tax class to downloadable, and under links, click to your download you added.

use 2 pay pal accounts to test, just add one with a small amount to make sure all is going well.

I hope this helps out...

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