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I love opencart, but after intensely working with it for a few weeks and knowing that my site is going live end onf next week, I need to make some backend changes that I desperately need.

1. As we work from SKU's I'm looking for help to change the 'model' column to SKU's in the Admin/catalog/products list, or better still add another column showing SKU's.

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2. To search customer orders more easily, I was wondering if you could me add two columns in the admin/orders list. I need one to show the SKU's and one to show a thumbnail of the product.

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Please can anyone help?

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In open cart admin, there are always/usually 3 files
1. a controller file - holds the instructions
2. a model file - calls stuff from the database
3. a template file - the .tpls

aditionally, for the .tpls there are lists and forms

In our case, you want lists so look for admin/view/theme/catalog/product_list.tpl
and wherever you see the word 'model' copy it and replace the word 'model' with 'sku'

then go to the controller file which is admin/controller/catalog/product.php
and go the section that starts as

Code: Select all

private function getList() 
it's a list. (if it was a form, it would be getForm)
and copy all the lines that say 'model' and replace it with 'sku' but be careful with 'model' as model also means the model file so dont' copy things that look like:
$this->load->model or $this->model

then go look to see if it works
if it doesn't work, then we also need to get stuff from the database so go to the model file and find the word 'model' and do the same again.
actually, you may hav to go to the model file anyway for filter and sort

for the order list, do the same but it is now in sale/order

if you can understand this structure, you're empowered to mod open cart
open cart is so easy to mod. Just do a monkey-see-monkey-do and magic happens

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im looking for the exact same thing as OP.. can anyone help on this please.

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