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duranto2009 wrote:Hi, Straightlight.
I followed every step you described & bingo! I got the invoice after success page, thanks to you for the great mod.

But I need to modify some feature. Please help me with that.

1. When I click Print Invoice button it shows the invoice but after closing the tab and re-clicking the Print Invoice button it redirect me to my home page. That means the Print Invoice button is void for only 1 time. I want to let my customer do that at least 2/3 times.
2. How to add fields on this invoice, like: shipping method, payment method, voucher, coupon etc. Please give me instruction how to add custom fields.
3. The invoice.css file is not working, I mean I changed the CSS file to my default one so that I could get as same as the default Invoice. But it's not working.
4. I tried some modification to add some fields and got this error: Undefined index: shipping_method in ...../order_invoice.tpl That's mean I didn't defined the shipping_method string, how to define them.

Please help me with these solution.

these modifications were meant for v1.5x releases. As for v2.0x releases, there might be alternate solutions to do this without having to expire the customer's order ID's lifetime and on a more secured approach which I'm still investigating for other subjects as well on Opencart. Once successful, I will post an updated version.

The most generated errors being found on Opencart forum originates from contributed programming. The increased post counters are caused by redundancies of the same solutions that were already provided prior.

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Thanks straightlight! Great help :D




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