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readyman wrote:Here are the steps required

Step One: Login to phpmyadmin
Step Two: Choose the user table
Step Three: Edit the admin user
Step Four: Enter new details in user record

Full tutorial here:

Link above does not work. Can you provide an update?

Thanks! 8)



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Post by fergie3 » Mon Feb 28, 2011 1:33 pm

generics24 wrote:
TBT wrote:use MySQL Query Browser (if you have it) and exacute this query

UPDATE user SET password=md5('password') WHERE user_id = 1;

that would change it to the word password ;D

but yes would be nice to have a forgotten password in admin login O0

I Owe you one, Thanks a Ton Man, I was in a panic mode, you saved my day.



I entered your query in phpMyAdmin > localhost > my store > SQL "Run SQL query/queries on database "my store":" and clicked on "Go" and see:

"0 rows affected. Query took 00.00002 sec"

I then tried to login with "password" and can't get anywhere. What username do I use? It's possbile that it got wiped out as well when I tried to upgrade my Open Cart from 1.4.7 to

Where did I go wrong implementing your instructions? ???



Wed Feb 16, 2011 11:46 am

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