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Hi all

I've been researching Opencart modules and have already purchased some to try to solve this problem for a client, but I cannot seem to figure it out.

The client is a fashion store owner who has c.100 dresses which come in different sizes.
Group 1 = Size # (Size 6, Size 8, Size 10 etc.)
Group 2 = Size S/M/L (Size M/s and Size M/L)
Group 3 = Size SML (Size XS, Size S, Size M, Size ML, Size L, Size XL)

At moment they have to set up every individual product with the required product option and the individual quantities available.

I tried Global Mega Options module but this seems to apply Sizes and quantities for all products selected and is not editable for individual products afterwards.

The problem lies in this example of say the first 3 dresses she uploads;
- Dress 1 Size 6 Qty=2 | Size 8 Qty=3 | Size 10 Qty=4
- Dress 2 Size M/S Qty=1 | Size M/L Qty=4
- Dress 3 Size XS Qty=5 | Size M Qty=6 | Size L Qty=3

Every product has a size range under one, and only one of the the Groups.
Every product had different quantities per size.
Not every product has each of the sizes in stock, many sizes have 0 in stock.

Is there a way to have say, all size ranges prepopulated with all size Groups and options, each with a quantity of 0

My client, when they are adding products can just enter the quantities which are greater than 0 and click save?

It would mean that they do not have to
1. set up product options and values for each individual dress.
2. they could simply enter quantity > 0 if they have just 2 sizes available.

I hope I have explained this well, it is one of the only admin problems I have found in 2 years of working with Opencart, allowing client choose product options already setup and not have to individually set up product options for each and every product.

If I can find an answer then Opencart is scalable for all clients in my opinion.

Thanks again
FG :)
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Hi guys

I would be grateful for a response on this one.
Basic question is can you set up Product options and have them pre-populate product admin pages where you can simply enter quantities to have them show up on the front-end of the website.
FG :)

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basic answer is no. There currently are no mods that I know of that do this.

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