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Hope someone can help.

Re; version 1.4.8 OpenCart.

Everything is up and running regards this site:

But we are having an issues with a couple of things

a) Landing on a product via google's natural search. And infact a very poor performance of the (all) products listed within the natural search. Yes the site is new, but our client also has an old os-commerce site that performs very well indeed within the natural search engine, and this oscommerce site (domain) is only around 12months older than the much newer ''google friendlier'' opencart platform.

The products that are being found (very very few) and listed within google's natural, but everytime its directing the click through to the homepage rather than to the product url itself. Frustrating! Why!?

FYI the site is about 8 months old now. This is occurring with about 95%+ of the products on the site.

An example is as follows; Infact ive just spent the best part of 30mins trying to find an example of a product that isnt landing on the correct page on the site via googles natural search, and cannot even find a product from the domain withn googles natural!!! Nothing!? Yet plenty are listed using I will update as soon as I find something. I realise you probably need hard examples to point toward any issues.

b) Some products just arent submitting to google. For example;

'Kingston 64GB SDXC Memory Card' ... emory-card

The above, you can search manually for this and its nowhere to be found within 20 odd pages of google for this search term. It was inserted to the sites database around 8-12 weeks ago. This is the case with quite a few of the products on this site.

I really appreciate any pointers on the above a & b points! Its driving me mad trying to figure out what the problem is.

Thank you in advance.


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Regards point a. Here is an example ive found;

Search term in google; 2m Olympus CB-USB6 USB Camera Cable

Link is as follows; Currently last on the listing on 1st page of google fyi. ... dd6d9da3e6

Why when you click through from google, why is this is it taking you to the homepage rather than the product? Yes I accept its on the bestseller column, but why isnt it taking you to the product specific page? Same theme throughout this site.

Can anyone shed any light on the problem which persists throughout the site or is it purely because its a new site?

Thank you.


Tue Nov 02, 2010 2:59 am

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I too am having this issue with product search results on google. Only the home page shows up if it has the product on it.

Please help !


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