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quick question re metatags, SEO and Product Tags

Posted: Wed Oct 20, 2010 2:45 pm
by pingpong
Hi Guys,
I'm new to all of this but a question on SEO and meta tags.

Basically with meta tags i don't quite understand what words we put in here, are they key words for that particular product, and do we seperate each key word with a space or comma? Is this the same for meta tag description? How can i check that this has been applied to the webpage?

With SEO's whats the difference, do we put the same key words in or one specific word for that particular product?

When i create a new product there is a field at the bottom called produt tags, what exactly is this field for?

many thanks for your help


Re: quick question re metatags, SEO and Product Tags

Posted: Wed Oct 20, 2010 5:31 pm
by barnesnet
Hi Pingpong,
I’m no expert by any means but this is how I understand it:
There are fields for meta data both for site in general and for each product. These keywords or descriptions don’t actually show on your site but are included in the source for the pages. These keywords and descriptions are picked up my web crawlers like google and tell them what your site is about etc.
The description is just like a brief overview, maybe a few sentences, and keywords are usually separated by comma’s

You can check your pages by right clicking on the webpage in a browser and choosing ‘view source’ or whatever your equivalent is. In the mess you will find in the heading section usually the meta data fields (something like):
<meta name="keywords" content=“keyword1, keyword2, etc" />
<meta name="description" content=“my site selling goodies" />

In the SEO field you would put what you would like your page link to be so for example a non or standard link might be

Code: Select all
You could put maybe ’quick_question’ in that field and your link or URL would become

Code: Select all
(you do need to turn on SEO Urls and update your htaccess file with a rewrite script. Easily done, I’ll help you if you need it.

The product tage are a customer thing. You could have several products all with the same tag(s) lets say batteries, you could tag all the AA batteries with AA and when the customer clicks on the AA tag at the bottom of a product your site would list all the AA batteries. Kind of like a preset search I suppose.

I hope this helps and I hope I explained it alright, just rushing out the door.

Good luck


Re: quick question re metatags, SEO and Product Tags

Posted: Wed Oct 20, 2010 7:02 pm
by pingpong
Hi Simon,
thank you very much for the information provided, it was all very useful
I have managed to turn on SEO and update the .htaccess, but thank you for offering help

Many thanks