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<revised> v1. 5.6.1

This is the issue. I am using an import/export utility to bulk about 320 products from a sister company. I have a test domain that I restored the latest db to for testing this import. When I import, it works fine on this test domain. When I then complete the real import, I get a spinning blue arrow screen on products in the catalog on the admin back end. When I examine the db, I see that the product_to_store table has one less row than products and product_description. Simply adding the missing row does not resolve the issue. I have tested this multiple times with the same result. Test domain works. Real domain doesn't with the same database.

So I decided to create a new db for the production domain. I imported the db just like I did when creating the test domain. Site is up and running on the new db. I run the import again for the new products. Same result on the new DB. Any idea what could be the issue? Any help would be appreciated.

(I was told there was some type of limit put on the database itself that limited the number of products and caused a counter to reset or something like that. It was a vague answer that had apparently been fixed by this person.)
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Well, those Limits might have been set on the Server Side, since some
Shop Owners believe in Free-Site Hosting, and other Dreams, but OC itself
does not set such limits. Still, one should NEVER make Tests in a working Site,
but always in a test environment.

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