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Hello. When I first downloaded Open Cart I needed an extension for calculating the city tax for each city in California. There was an extension called California City Tax. I installed it on and it set up a table on my data base. All I had to do was upload a csv file that listed all 973 plus cities. It took all of about 2 minutes to upload the extension and csv file. Everything worked perfect. Now I want to move up to Opencart 3+ version but I do not see any information as to whether my current version will work on the new Opencart. Moreover, I do not see the EXT ID, nor the author. Surprised no one else has this issue. I am sure I am not the only online store in California. I have searched everywhere with no luck. Emails to Opencart have gone unanswered for over a month. What is the solution? Is there an extension that now calculates taxes for every city in every state, or am I missing something. Thank you for your quick reply.



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I don't think that extension still exists (or at least, I couldn't find it) so you'd have to find something else. There are two options:

1. Use something like Postcode-Based Fee/Discount to set up your tax rates based on zip code. This doesn't exactly have a CSV import/export, though you *can* back up the settings, edit them, and then restore from the new file. You can also probably export your CSV file into this format, which would work to set up a single charge in the extension:

90000 = 8%
90001 = 8%
90002 = 8.5%
90003 = 9%

2. Use a live rate calculator service like TaxCloud or TaxJar. That's more expensive since you have to pay to use their services, but it also ensures your tax rates are always correct. I have extensions for both of those services:

• TaxCloud Integration
• TaxJar Integration

Feel free to take a look at the screenshots and demo site, and if you're interested let me know at if you have any further questions.

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