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My website has been working fine for a very long time. However, I noticed yesterday that new orders that come in all have the following:

Company Name = First Name + Last Name
Address 2 = Address 1

When I try to go through the checkout process using Chrome the Autocomplete function will fill in the information incorrectly just as mentioned above. I would like to specifically disable the autocomplete for 'Company name' and 'Address 2' in the checkout proccess (both billing and shipping address).

Thank you.

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Post by straightlight » Sun Mar 11, 2018 6:09 am

Make a backup of your store. Then, update your catalog/view/javascript/jquery folder to the latest version and the same for your admin/view/javascript/jquery folder. Although, I would also recommend to upgrade your OC version for more recent CSS over theme files compatibility compared to prior releases or to take a look at the Marketplace for more recent themes supporting more recent JS files inclusively.

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