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I want to add a forum to my store. Because the forum extensions for opencart are not good (for me), I want to add a external forum to my store. I also want to have a link "Forum" in top menu and the forum page should open inside. I have bought this Web Page Wrapper v1.1: ... load_id=32

but it doesnt have an option to bind the wrapped page to top menu. I am using Opencart Version 1.5.6. Please help!

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Post by IP_CAM » Thu Aug 31, 2017 6:41 am

you could use something like this, to create a Top-Menu Link.
TOP Menu external HREF-Link ... n_id=22447
PS: But the Mod Seller has not been answerring anything for some time already, so,
as alternative, you could download the iframe-zipfile below, unzip it, and open
it with a Browser, to see, how I would achieve something like this in a responsive
layout and surrounding. It's a 'standalone' Page, actually, easy to insert into OC, and
displaying whatever you like to. But if you want to use it, please re-link it, to use your
own Scripts and Styles ! ;) I added them in the script/.. Directory in the Zip!
And don't forget to change the <base href="http://"> as well, to match your Site, to
make 'em work. The HTML File itself does not need 'em, to function, just to mention it!

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