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making the default template responsive

Posted: Wed Nov 30, 2016 11:34 pm
by sooty

has anyone created an upgrade to the standard default template to make it responsive to mobile devices?

I run a mildly modified version of the standard default template and do not want to go through the process of changing a complete template.

Only considering this as a stop-gap before upgrading to V2.3 sometime next year.

Any thoughts?

(Edit - should have said V1.5.6.4)

Re: making the default template responsive

Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2016 12:38 am
by OSWorX
Look here around for posts made by IP_CAM
He is always telling everybody how good 1.5.x is and how he reworked the default template to be responsive.

Re: making the default template responsive

Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2016 1:39 am
by sooty
thanks, I'll have a trawl through this evening.

I had seen a couple of posts by him, but they all referred to new third party templates which I'm trying to avoid at this time.

I'll search deeper!

If IP_CAM would like to point me at the right thread.... :laugh:

Re: making the default template responsive

Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2016 10:13 am
well, I would not change my wife, just to get the Lady styled in a different way, one get's used to something, Life is hard enough, as it comes, to handle it all. And what I am reading here on Problems, for the past 2 Years, is mostly not even related to ! :-*
So, better, noone should even try to 'tax' it like a not longer loved, unwanted and good for nothing stepchild, it just would not meet Realitiy.
But it's not my Baby, after all, I just use it, and keep it, for the foreseeable future, because it best meets my needs, skills and expectations! So much to this! :D
Anyway, your default OC v.1.5.6.x Theme can be made responsive, very very basically, at least, if you download the Mod linked below, and just upload it's stylesheet.css File into the Stylesheet Sub, after renaming the Original! But without at least resizing the images, and other Sections, it won't look very swell: ... n_id=12478
But It would be hard work, to make the default Theme really looking good.
A much better free UPLOAD Bootstrap Solution would be, to install this very interesting nice and free Bootstrap-Theme, linked below, I use it at present, in a partially just slightly modified form here at
OC Bootstrap - Opencart Bootstrap 3 Theme - Front End ... n_id=14631
It's NOT exactly like OC-2 Style default Theme Coding, still, it's a very well done free Alternative to replace a formerly default looking Theme.
yoocarter offers a whole range of easy to install free responsive Themes:
also ...
Contrary to MOST other responsive themes, they not no require additional Systems files, to be added into the source, or even replace existing source files, to make 'em work.
Their CSS has to be a little reworked, in some sections, but then, some of those themes look really good!
Another responsive OC v.1.5.6 Version default like Theme can be found here: ... ive-Theme/
A real OC-2 Theme Solution would be, to buy PM-Netti's OC-2 Theme. You also get an OcMod Install included, just to mention this ! :D
Oc2 Theme to version 1.5 see it here in action: ... n_id=23641
Peku also offers a full Size latest release OC v. with a built-in Oc-2 Theme and OcMod installed as DEFAULT.
OpenCart Edge ... n_id=27779
And, good to know, the OcMod could easy be switched off, if not needed!
Or then, the simple responsive OpenShop Theme could be used, seen here:
it does no change anything, and it can be used with or without the extended Admin Settings (background/admin logo, e.t.c.) VqMod included.
I would advise you to test this theme first, it's rather easy to handle and adapt, if you need something in a little different way, but all based on default OC basics.
I also use a russian OC-2 styled Theme Test Version, , but it's a little more complicated, to make it work with the 'western' Version, due to some built-in extensions and variables, not used in the default OC source. And russian is hard to learn, too, just because of a bloody OC-Theme... :D
But this one does not support OcMod as well, by Default, just to note it !
I would copy the default DB, by use of the MyPHP Server Admin Tool, and place a copied Shop Software in another SUB, reconfigure the config.php files and .htaccess rewrite, then, test the Stuff, and find out, what matches best. It will be some work, to do, until everything looks top, but it's worth the Task !
Good Luck ;)

Re: making the default template responsive

Posted: Fri Dec 09, 2016 6:55 pm
by sooty
that was a mega reply!

I'll have a look at the quick solution suggested. This is just for s short term solution before moving to v2.3.



Re: making the default template responsive

Posted: Sat Dec 10, 2016 12:05 am
well, just to mention it, even OC v.2.3.x will soon be a thing out of the past as well. And it's v.3 successor(s) will use even more technology, making it not longer compatible with more and more of yet existing v.1.5.x - v.2.2.x- knowledge and extensions. Because of this, I would just sit down, relax and wait, until the first revised v.3.x exists. ;)

But this is my very personal Opinion. Especially under the Aspect, that no real and/or proven need exists, to endanger a well working Shop Software. Especially, if alternative ways, like that glorious Bootstrap 3 Theme, exist, making it so easy, to transform an existing 1.5.x Shop to today's visually responsive Needs in a close to perfect Way, and still 'powered' and 'handled' for many existing OC Shop Admin Users in the good old familiar form.

At present, OC is under Construction, whereever one looks, here, and everywhere else. It's a heavy burden, and it will still take some time, to get it all straighten out. We all should accept this better and act accordingly, for our own benefit. This is, at least in my Opinion, what real Pro Shop Owners differs from others.
Good Luck ! ;)