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How do I completely delete a product in the database using phpmyadmin ?
My open cart admin products page has stopped working
I need to delete a product I added yesterday as I suspect it is causing this problem due to one of the fields being empty or having funny characters in it etc. (Yesterday I set up a new multistore with one category, manufacturer and product - I did it in a bit of a rush)

I can see many tables in the database with product in their name.

How do I completely delete a product in the database using phpmyadmin ?

Thanks very much

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Technically, delete a Product on a DB as shown on the image below. The handling depends a little
on the Tool used, depending on the Hoster Server Setup. But for smaller Job's, it may be more convenient
to implement your own MyPHP Admin Tool into your Admin Section, by using the famous Sql-Buddy
for this Job, and you run an OC-Version, probably able to get along with the VqMod Linking just fine.
OC v.2.x Versions will probably use another way of the VqModded linking, but other than that, it should
work with OC-2 as well. One just as to pass the admin credentials with/in the link, to make it work.

Just to mention it! ;)
And if you removed the Product, refresh/optimize your DB again.

But check on this nice little Helper, when it comes to handling a DB from the Shop Admin:

OpenShop Admin SQLBuddy free, OC v.1.5.6.x - VqMod-linked to work with OC v.1.5.6.x Admin,
updated and tested and works with PHP 7.1.xx, as it comes...:

This MySql Buddy Extension will change NOTHING in your existing Shop. Everything, exept for the VqMod,
is added into a separate Subdirectory within the Admin Section, and may be deleted anytime, without
leaving any traces of this anywhere!
JUST BE AWARE, that you could destroy your DB, if you do not know, what you're doing! ;)
Another MySQL_Buddy exists, implemented/working like/as a regular OC-Module, but I personally like it better
this way, originally beeing part of MaxD's famous OpenShop Extension, when it comes/works in a
separate Window, and is not a moduled and so 'fixed' part of OC. I have both installed, the 'built-into the OC-Frame' Buddy leaves much less working-space to really see much without scrolling on a steady bases.
Despite of the Fact, that this way may be a little less secure, access-wise, compared to the moduled-Version.
As Info ! So much to this.
but don't forget, to read and get here, how to unleash the Power of your DB, by use of the famous:

ATOMIX TURBO InnoDB DB-Engine Changer + Full DB all OC-Version Indexer Tool! ... 71#p580125
Good Luck !



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