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Since the GTIN requirements from Google in May I have had a lot of errors reported and my items have been disapproved. On contacting Goggle, they advise my EAN numbers do not show on the XML feed generated by Opencart. Looking through the automated XML output file from Opencart only the MPN and UPC tags appear and EAN is not listed. The MPN is actually the product ‘Model’ input in Opencart so it doesn’t make sense? I don’t wish for my customers to see the actual product barcode because they will go off searching for a better price.

Will this problem be overcome if I upgrade to the latest version of Opencart or is there a way around this as I have run out of ideas?

I also need to be able to add an Identifier exists tag to be able to have my bespoke items listed on the shopping search?


Anyone having the same problems or reached a solution?

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