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I've been looking into something that can make this (or similar)

- I have different products ranging from a few grams, to many kgs, from sturdy to fragile items. I would like to have a way to add an additional packing weight to the products, so i could for instance say that a 1kg solid product only needs 50g more of packing materials, as to a ceramic fragile item weighting 500g would need 200g more of packing stuff..

So far i only have a fixed additional "box" weight that does not take into account any special needs, so i thought that being able to do this on a product base would be best, so that the total additional weight would be somehow more precise.I know its possible that in some cases this would mean an "overweight" of packing weight, but so far i have much more situations where the total weight is much less than what i will really need it to be due to packing materials, and end up losing money in shipping...

So something like an extra field called "packing weight" could be present along with the standard weight, and used as needed...

Ive seen some extensions, but im not exactly sure if any can do something similar..

Any ideas would be great! Many thanks in advance!


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Hi! Did you ever found a solution to this problem? Struggling with the same thing here.



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Hidden Shipping Adjustments Pro can do this on a per-product basis, without needing to modify the product page or the admin-side files. You can set up a weight adjustment based on the item weight, or the individual product, or many other criteria.

Feel free to take a look at the screenshots and demo site, and if you're interested let me know at if you have any further questions.

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