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we have a new project and we will use OC but all new 2.x versions has problems , bugs and still nothing ready and stable and almost everymonth new release before fix the problems old release )) does version is most stable version for now ?

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Sun Oct 26, 2014 4:10 am

Post by IP_CAM » Sun Apr 26, 2015 7:52 am

Yes, it seems.

This one has been pre-released, I use it, since: ...

Code: Select all

## v1.5.6.5 (Pending, released on Nov.11.2014)
#### Bugs fixed
* Updated SQL in admin/model/sale/order.php to fix date_modified filter. Fixes #1371
* Change settitle to setTitle in error/not_found.php
* Fixed issue in Amazon Payments where tax lines where passed as products if cart had different tax rates.
* Fixed the implementation of captchas.
* Incorrect file type when uploading on Windows Machines REF: #1550
* Corrected 404 response headers REF: #1620
* Trigger JS change on page load to ensure that option choices are hidden/shown when editing an option.
* Fixed hyphen problem with PayPal Express checkout url
* Changed PayPal cardissue to issuenumber variabe for PayPal Pro
* Used correct admin setting to check if product count should be done on a category REF: #1828
* Changed response message to hide sensitive DB connection data on failure. REF: 3fff5226d9c48f8f4c948bc2c27a5c91f8dba1a2
* Fixed category count to be called only when count is turned on
* Added formatting to number format in pp express to ensure no comma is added for items over 1000 #2216

#### Changes
* Removed duplicate DELETE SQL query for product attributes REF: #1379
* Small coding standard improvement (spacing on if and else if statements) in Amazon Payments FE template
* Updated link to download location for Amazon Payments adjustment file as it was removed from the source.
* Added missing semi-colon to echo statements in Amazon Checkout REF: #1565
* Removed old subversion file read from admin/controller/footer - redundant code.
* Added speed improvement for the product count check in the category module if it is disabled. Part of the totals calculation were still being done.

#### Added
* solution ID to payment gateway

## v1.5.6.4 (23rd April 2014) 
The possibly latest official version can be found here:

This is a nice modified version, worth to have a look, very professional attempt:

This is my personal favourite, it already contains a lot of usefull mods.:

or look here for other, somehow, language-specific premade Versions.

Russian Version: ... 4-russian/

Brazil Version: ...

Update former brazil OC versions to v. ... ncart-1564

Turk Version: ... surum.html

or more: ... rchresults

Good Luck
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Post by virgotch » Sun Apr 26, 2015 8:50 pm

thank you very much for your help and timie , every 2.x versions has own bugs and problems and we decided to use in our projects we belive that 2.x versions are not stable enough to use for live shops.

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Sun Oct 26, 2014 4:10 am
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