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This has prob be posted before but going round in circles trying to find the answer.

I have created a new sub catergory , thats fine shows o.k front end ...
added product and selected the correct links....
goto front end of store ..... product showing in new...
click on main catergory .... all sub catergorys show up o.k

click on manufacture picture....

the products for that manufacture show up not the item in the catergory ..

heres what i mean

from catergories menu on left side

click on jovy (red icon with j )

those 5 items are not solder stations b.t.w

this should appear

those 5 items that show up in jovy solder station are here

now all links show the correct placement yet not showing up

for example if you go back to solder stations and click on that shows the correct item I am also getting the same on this link Im going round in circles here please help ???

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