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I'm running, I've added quite a few extensions, but now this problem is baffling me? Why is it that when I add multiple checkbox options (values) to a product, if someone checks those and Adds the Product to Cart, the options that were selected do NOT show up in the cart?

Here's an example:
[ ] -Option 1
[x] -Option 2
[x] -Option 3
[x] -Option 4
[x] -Option 5
[ ] -Option 6

I've added 1 Checkbox (with 6 Checkbox Option Values) to a Product, they all appear correctly as shown above, but, it doesn't matter how many boxes the customer selects, because they do not show up in the cart??? I have NO way of knowing which options the customer selected when they purchased? Why is that?

I'm sure this must be an easy fix, can someone please direct me to the place in the code to make the change?

Thanks in advance,



Mon Mar 03, 2014 2:14 pm
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