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I am using OC and wanted to try and get the container to nearly full page width, I have edited the css file container (changed from 980px to 1200px) and got it all looking quite good but would it be better to use 90-95% for the width instead?

I have also edited the .box product and footer to get it all to line up, would these kind of edits be ok or is there another way, the site looked ok and worked fine in firefox, explorer, opera, safari and chrome as well on tablets but just want to confirm the edits are ok and not likely to break anything before I leave them live on the site.

Thank you

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Pixels or percent works, it depends on whether you want width to scale or be locked to a 1200px. For mobile/responsive scaling you wanna stick with percents even if pixels work. This includes margins too. A 100% wide container could have a 3% left and right margin and effectively scale the space at any device width since 3% would look smaller on tiny screens. You could still set a max-width on that container to 1200px so it didnt look huge on massive monitors, but remember to set those margins left/right to "auto" using an @media query above 1200. | - Opencart Extensions, Integrations, & Development. Made in the USA.

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