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Happy New Year!

Is there a way to see the reports of products purchased to show all products that have never been sold? We have 550 products and have sold at least 1 of 480 of them. We'd like to see the products with zero sales in the report but it only shows items with at least one sale. Is there an extension or module that can allow us to easily see the 70 products that we have never sold at all?

Or is there a table in the database that can be tweaked to include zero sales so when we output the Report >Products > Products Purchased tab we see everything including zero sale products?

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Post by cmerry » Mon Jan 05, 2015 8:20 pm

please look at ADV Product Sales Report: ... on_id=3500
0n product list page there is column Sold for quick overview of sold quantity for every product. Column can be sorted.

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