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I have an auto-parts shop and I am a looking to build a query in order to get a "Also applies" feature wich lists the cars (categories) in wich a part applies.

My categories in the shop are actually cars, in form of "make > model > engine" like "Ford > Fiesta 2004 > 1.4i" followed by the parts-section like "Fuel filters". Many parts apply to several cars, so I'm trying to figure out how to get "All categories in wich a product_id applies with full path".

So let's say we have product "Fuel Filter" with product_id 40, wich applies to 40 cars. I can get the categories from DB > product_to_category but I get a list of parents, childrens, sub-childrens, etc, a mess. I know I can use the "category_path", "category" and "category_description" to build the list using levels, parents, but I'm not that advanced in mysql. Is there a way to do this ?

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