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Hi all,

Could someone please point me to the right place to rectify this issue that I have.

We use the Journal 2.0 theme, and on our product pages, above the option select dropdown we have some hardcoded modified text show up, for example like such:

RRP: £200.00
Our Price: £158.39
Saving:21 %
approximate price in Euro: €200.05
approximate price in US Dollar: $247.74

But, when a user selects an option from the dropdown, this text decides it no longer wants to stay there, and changes to the following:

RRP: £200.00

This is only a minor issue on our site, but it is something which I believe negatively affects the experience for users, and with social share buttons below the option dropdown, if a user tries to click the add to cart button after selecting the dropdown, when the text changes this pushes the page up slightly and the user inadvertently ends up clicking one of the social share icons.

I haven't a clue why this is happening and any help on this would be greatly appreciated.



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