Post by Dana » Mon Nov 03, 2014 11:10 pm

I have a few products that are not showing up in a specific parent category and sub-category and I can't find what's up with that.

The categories are set up normally as any other. The products have the category and sub category chosen. I experimented with this and found the following:

1) switching to default theme does not help, same issue
2) product shows up in subcategory, but does not show up in parent category, despite having both selected in backend
3) removing the subcategory and leaving only the parent category, the product does not show up in the parent category
4) placed the product in a completely different parent category, product shows up fine
5) if there is no subcategory for this category, the products show up in parent just fine
6) not every product in category and sub category is affected

What is it with this one category that just refuses to work?

OC, categories and products do NOT have SEO title set. Cannot provide link as the store is not yet live.

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