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Hi All,

I have been looking over the internet for a solution to a limitation that I have in Opencart.
I have a swimwear store and a few categories and I sell by tops and bottoms, but there are other categories where these products can be found (mix and match, prints, etc).

I need to have different images for the same product according to its category. If it is by top the first image for the product in the category page should be one and if it is in mix and match the first image must be another.

I couldn't find an extension that does that. I would like to know if there is any or if there is another way to fix this.

I thought about a different approach too, by creating different products in each category but the products should use the same stock to avoid overselling.

I found an extension that can do that, but when I use it the options are removed and in my case it’s mandatory to use the size option since I sell swimwear.

The extension is this one: Combine products and manage stock levels.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions it will be highly appreciated.

Thank you



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did you found a solution? I'm looking for the same




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You can check below extensions and it may take care of your requirement. ... %20product ... 20category

Please let me know if you need any assistance.


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This will do what you are after, create as many extra combined products as you want and link them to you main products stock. ... ch=Combine

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