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I found a trick and I want to tell it here.
I was looking for a solution (free or paid) to sort my pre-order games by release date.
I discover a ''smart'' solution that don't need any programming or module install.
What I did
1) I download this extension ... n_id=14026 .
That extension allows you to change the date that the product has created from administrator product panel.
So for created date you can put the date that the pre-order item will release

A link of opencart look like this for categories
I add some extra ''information'' at the end of link and I make it to look like this
This helps you to sort the items by date added

3) In the Top Menu of my category I put the link that I discover so now my sort is by release date :)

A lot of people try to find a similar solution for free. That I think it's the most easiest and free solution for someone who don't know to write programming.

What do you think about my solution?:D

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