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I've been running my OC store for close to two years now and much customization have been made on the both the files and database structure. Of late, I noticed OC has been playing up hence I was thinking of restarting the store. However as you can imagine there are customer records and product information which are important for the business.

Given the constraints has anyone successfully restarted their store? How do you migrate the critical information such as customer records, orders, product details and sales orders? a standard import/export of SQL from phpmyadmin will not work as there are newly added columns in the db structure.

Can anyone suggest?

Thanks in advance.

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Sun Oct 02, 2011 6:52 pm

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What I had to do with an old Opencart installation was:


1. Install a fresh, untainted copy of whichever version you want to move to (not necessarily the latest, just the one you're comfortable with) - go into phpMyAdmin and export the structure of the new database. Now export the structure of the current database and compare the two (e.g. using

2. Do the same for the PHP files.

3. Do the same for the TPL files.

4. Create a series of vQMods, each with a note about its own database requirements, that add the old functionality to the new installation (or if you prefer, just edit the files and keep a note of your edits).

5. When the new installation has the same functionality as the old one, copy the data across.

I don't know if that's of any use to you and it might not be the best way (my eyes were bloodshot by the time i'd finished with WinMerge :)) but it did work and separating everything into specific changes using vQMods really helps with organisation.

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