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Hi guys

I know these subjects have been discussed time and again but I am having issues with IPN failure emails from Paypal and orders hitting the Missing Order area in admin but have been paid for and as far as the customer is concerned is fully complete. The first we know about is when the customer calls us to ask where his order is!!

My question is this:

We are using two Paypal modules, Express (for standard paypal payments) and iFrame (for credit/debit card payments). Each module has their own IPN callback url: ... xpress/ipn ... ame/notify

I may be having a serious grey haired moment but how do we correctly set up the IPN in Paypal because as far as I can see there is only room for supplying one IPN url there?

Any help would be welcome.


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Post by SXGuy » Mon Sep 01, 2014 9:56 pm

In theory opencart handles the IPN callback URL itself, so you should be able to leave that blank. And I believe even if you add a URL opencart overrides it.

Having said that, I had similar issues with missing orders but paypal History did say it completed, with a response 200 code. IF I understand correctly,yours is also saying failed.

May not be a fix for your issue, but for me, I had to delete php.ini from opencarts root, and ask my hosting provider to reset cURL libraries

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