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Hi all,

I wasn't too sure where/what to ask here. But basically, i'm noticing a lot of "fishy" results in the Customers Online Reports, and this has (from what i've noticed) happened increasingly over the last few weeks.

The results I am seeing, come from multiple different IP addresses, and countries, including China, Netherlands, and the USA.

The results generally come in 2 parts, where part one is that they have gone to the account/login page, but then... I ALWAYS see a second result from the same IP address where the referrer in the result is along the lines of (bearing in particular to after the product part of the address: ... 2;+registe
red;+logged+in;+success; Result: chosen nickname "NICKNAME"; registered; logged in; success;

Please note that the capital letters of nickname are from what I guess a persons nickname, however, that person is not registered on the site... Is there something dodgy going on here? I am seeing an awful lot of these results, and honestly, I have no idea what they are, the product is always exactly the same, and so is the nickname area...?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

thank you,


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