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I work on Opencart Admin panel (speed optymalisation, devloping new modlues) does anyone have example Database with a lot of Categories,products etc. ? (just heavy database)

As one of many I try to reduce DB Queries in a loop that may affect performance really badly but I will need have databse to test it for real. And first of all. When I finish I will share my work for FREE, just for community (open source rulez)

Dont need real life data. Numbers matters ;) I wish to check how some parts will act with 1000+ items.

Many Thanks in Advance.



Tue Jul 01, 2014 2:03 pm

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I have database of 7000 products....i can give it to you but i need also some help ::DD: maybe you are my can i contact you?give me a skype please

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Post by IP_CAM » Wed Jul 02, 2014 10:09 am

or then, read here, add as many Products as you wish:

It's not for free, but it's a Tool allright, not just another 10-liner VqMod,
selling for about a similar (small) amount.

Look here how it works with 10'000 active Items in the english 'Section',
the german 'Section carries about 500 Items only, as Reference to the Speed.
This is unique, but the Generator only handles one language per 'Action', so
different Language-Sections 'contain' different Products as well!!
Works well, at least for Tests...

I did not 'work' on the DB itself, exept for 'changing' it's format,
otherways, the system is built on freely available Mod's and Stuff...

Good Luck


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