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For what it's worth, 100% of your complaints map back to the php GD library. The imagecopyresample() function strips the color profile.

And, just about every other php shopping cart uses GD. So, while I agree that it sucks, all of the indignation pointed at opencart isn't really fair.

They all use GD because the path to get it installed is well known, and works for the vast majority of hosting providers.

I haven't used it, but there is an extension out there that uses imagemagick instead of GD for image processing: ... n_id=23443

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If someone need an extension there is our solution
Work with jpg images ... n_id=35821


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Well, one could use the imagick Library instead of OC default GD,
as linked above, to so possibly improve overall Pic Quality. It's only a File,
replacing the OC default system/library/image.php file, and it
works in v.1.5.6.x Versions as well as possibly in later OC2.+ versions too.
Note: It might display the Thumb dimensions a little different, compared
to the OC default way of doing things, but I am technically not able, to
offer a solution for this. As shown below, just to have it mentioned too ... 8)
I also found out, that imagick add's one percent point to the GtMetrix
Performance Result, despite of not reducing Quality to 90 percent, as done
in the Default OC image.pho file. ::)
I found nothing anywhere yet about the Mod, offered above a few years ago ...



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