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I need to configure a FedEx shipping module to offer Ground delivery to a Geo Location and 2nd Day deliver to a different Geo Location.

Both Geo Locations are already setup with the states setup to each one.

Using FedEx WSDL (Q) for the shipping module, you can only select 1 Geo Location for ALL the delivery options. Do I need to duplicate this Shipping Module?

Geo Location A can ONLY have Ground as an option
Geo Location B can ONLY have 2nd Day as an option

So I can't pick both as the services and then All Zones as the Geo Location...

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Post by Johnathan » Fri Jan 24, 2014 10:39 pm

Yes, you'll need to duplicate this extension to have two different geo zone selections for different rates. To copy an extension, assuming the name is "fedex", you would need to follow these steps:

1. Duplicate all the relevant files, and rename them to something like "fedex2" (without quotes)

2. Change all instances of "fedex" (or whatever the original title is) to "fedex2". For Qphoria's extensions, I believe they often base the code on the filename, so you may not have to do this step.

3. Don't forget to change the text in the ControllerShippingFedex and ModelShippingFedex lines.

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