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Hello all,

Just a simple question (with maybe a complicated answer?):

- Is it legal to use company logos on my webshop?

For example in slideshows, to promote a certain product.


There is a slideshow banner in the bottom of my webshop. Can I put logos of Sony, Activision, Wii U, etc. in this banner without getting into legal trouble?

The default OpenCart theme does contain company logos, and the theme I purchased also did, so I assume it's legal since it's used by OpenCart & other purchasable themes. But I want to be sure :P

Thank you!



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Post by ogun » Tue Jan 21, 2014 12:33 am

This is more of a vague answer than a complicated one:

If you're at all unsure, any company worth their salt will have a document or a page on their website that shows how, where and under what circumstances their logo/branding can be used.

Typically, if you're selling their products then showing a company's logo should be fine, provided that you're not suggesting that you're genuinely affiliated with them. So you could have the Sony logo on your page of Sony TVs, but you couldn't modify it to say that you were a "Sony partner" or anything like that.

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